Interview Process

Interview Process in Noesys

  • Please apply to an opening that YOU believe is most relevant to your skill set. to current openings
  • Please mention in your resume the technologies and skills that YOU believe you can demonstrate capability in, while applying to an opening.
  • YOU will be interviewed on the skills mentioned in your resume , based on your level of experience and exposure. So please do not mention skills, technologies that you do not have experience/exposure to.
  • YOUR assessment and a subsequent offer will be subject to the Interview Process. to Interview process.
  • Please do not be disappointed if your are not selected, the same way as we are not if you do not join our organisation post an offer.
  • We DO NOT spam , we do not encourage SPAM – please apply through the right channels for the relevant openings.

Current Openings


A completed upto date resume with full work experience and education is required.
Please review the Job Description for specific expertise and experience before applying.
You are requested to email your resume as Word (.docx) or .PDF files to
Mention the position applying for in the subject line and in the covering letter.


If you meet the qualifications for one of our current job openings, our HR Recruiter we'll contact you directly for a telephonic screening. Based on your discussion with our Recruiter, you will be invited over to our office for the interview. The recruiter will communicate all interview details to you.

We prefer having face-to-face interviews that give both an opportunity to know each other. Only under specific conditions we will have telephonic interview. This will have to be followed by a final assessment at our office.

  • General Aptitude Assessment
  • All candidates must face a General Aptitude Written test that is about 30 minutes.

  • Job Specific Assessment
  • Technical positions will have programming skills test. Other functions will have job-specific skills assessments.
    The level of assessment will depend on the position you are applying for.

  • Face-to-face discussion
  • Post the aptitude test and assessments, you will be invited for a one on one discussion with Team Leads/Manager as a final round of interview to go into greater detail around your skills, capabilities and interests.


On successful completion of the assessment and interview, an offer will given to you with a clear explanation of the terms, joining period and other details. A formal email communication will be sent explaining the offer and its terms. Normally we expect a confirmation within a week or earlier. Any inability to join on the agreed date or any other information shared post offer may change the offer terms or result in withdrawal of the offer.


Noesys may conduct background checks of applicants who’ve accepted employment offers. All job offers are contingent upon passing the background check process.


New Hire orientation would be conducted within the first few days of being hired. During orientation, you’ll learn more about Noesys, projects and corporate policies. You will also complete all your joining formalities on or before the orientation.